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Home Design Tips You Should Do Now!

Everyone wants their home interior designed in a way that represents their unique sense of style. This means that everyone will have a different idea of what the perfect interior design will look like. There are, however, a few tips that every Malaysia homeowner can keep in mind when they’re working on their interior design that will help form a solid foundation for the rest of their home design.

1. Leave Enough Space

It can be tempting when you go to furniture stores to buy everything you love, without thinking of how it will fit into your space. Most designers agree that furniture needs to be spaced out to keep from overcrowding the room. Instead of running to a store to pick out what you like, spend time thinking about what pieces you would like, then measure out where you would place the items. This will give you a solid start on deciding what size and what types of furniture pieces you’ll need to purchase.

2. Pick a Focal Point

Like point #1, this will help keep you from overcrowding your home or from having too many decorations. Pick a piece of art or a piece of furniture that you want to be the focus of the room. This can be anything from a painting to an arm chair. Whatever you pick, let it be the center of attention. Design everything else around this focal point, with everything else coming in with less noise and drama. This will keep your rooms from being overwhelming or too chaotic.

3. Declutter

One of the biggest ways that interior design or home design can be ruined is when homeowners don’t simplify things. This isn’t just about getting rid of things that don’t fit the theme of the home, but also about having too much stuff laying around. Your home is meant to be lived in, but try to keep it as decluttered as possible. Also, if you’ve purchased too many things or you have items that don’t go with the theme, don’t be afraid to sell, store, or throw things away. Yes, homes are made to display who you are, but that shouldn’t include dozens of little trinkets.

4. Don’t Forget the Lighting

Light changes everything in a room. One key piece of advice that most interior designers are giving now days is to layer lighting. This means having one large, central light source, but also smaller focus points that have softer light. This works to emphasize certain areas and add an ambient feeling to the home. For example, if you have a large light in your living room, think about adding a few table lamps or small spotlights for any pieces of artwork that you have. Other areas in the home that you can use light to make a layering affect is on kitchen backsplashes and inside cupboards with glass doors.

5. Keep Things Proportionate

Nothing is more disappointing for an interior designer than seeing decorations that are too large being squeezed into a small space or items that are too small being put in a huge place. Imagine a large wall that holds a small painting. It doesn’t work. Keep things in proportion to the rest of the room. If you have several small items, consider clustering them so they make one big statement.

Keep the above 5 home design tips in mind to build your dream home!